"I think the quality of student work produced, the evidence of their own reflections, speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the IO design process. I can't imagine designing projects any other way."

IO projects provide you with fantastic opportunities to engage and motivate your students. Looking for ideas and resources you can use with your students tomorrow? All the inquiry-based projects you see below are available inside IO. The IO design process makes it easy for you to adapt and modify any project to meet the unique needs of your students. To make your work even more efficient, consider the benefits of having your whole department or grade-team working together in IO.

Inside IO you'll find many more examples of amazing learning experiences that have been created by real teachers in classrooms just like yours.

Home to a Million

(Grade 5, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art)

See what happens when an enthusiastic group of grade 5 students explore the impact of a population explosion? Worker shortages, traffic jams, hospitals, sewer systems, water concerns - but what really gets their attention is the issue of homelessness!

Teachers, Megan and Lisa share their project, and their students’ work with you through IO.

Additional Project Info:

Link to "Home to a Million" class webpage

Student work - Sample Public Service Announcement

CityTV television interview

Richness of Words: A Journey into the Past

(Grade 2/3, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology)

See how Peggy’s students make their own connections and create something meaningful for themselves. In Peggy’s words, “I found that I was able to take something required in the curriculum and actually make it important to the students.” Peggy’s project in IO called, “Richness of Words”, invites students to understand and explore the history of their community. As a result, students become totally engaged in the topic and express their insights through storytelling and digital movies.

Additional Project Info:

Link to the "Richness of Words" website

Student work - Pioneer Home Video

Student reflection - problem solving

Teacher reflections - learning through IO

Millarville Archaeology

(Grade 4/5, Language Arts, Social Studies, Technology)

“Why did our teacher keep finding rusty nails and shards of pottery every spring as she dug her vegetable garden? When she showed us what she found we became curious.”

…Curiosity evolved into an official archaeological dig. Mrs. Stabler and Mrs. Thorne’s students worked side-by-side with experts to uncover the history of their community.

Additional Project Info:

Link to "Millarville Archaeology" website

Site preparation video

Dig procedure video

Teacher reflections about depth of student learning

Link to Governor General's Awards

Democracy in the Modern World

(Grade 10, 12, Social Studies)

Guided and supported by a political scientist, two classes in two different cities researched and prepared for a videoconference discussion around topical and contentious issues of democracy.

High School teacher, Susanne uses IO to uncover what really matters about the discipline of social studies resulting in higher student engagement and “deeper thought”.

Additional Project Info:

Susanne talks about student engagement

Using IO for the first time

Students participate in a video debate

Grain Elevator Kids

(Grade 1/2, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art)

Imagine grade one/two students demanding a meeting with politicians to discuss and question the destruction of grain elevators. Well, Jennifer’s students, who became known affectionately as the "Grain Elevator Kids", took it one step further and demanded a meeting with the Premier. Her IO project documents an amazing story of students determined to make a difference.

Additional Project Info:

Link to class website

Jennifer's reflections

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